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La Reine Chabut Exercise Videos/DVD's
Click on the following links below to view and order your favorite DVD or video featuring LaReine.
The Firm: Firm Parts - 5-Day Abs
Release Date April 9, 2002

The exercises on this video are classic ab exercises including crunches, oblique twists, leg walks and lower body crunches. There aren't any fancy, trendy Pilates or Yoga moves.
You won't find any planks and there's not a stability ball in sight. However, it features a 9 minute ab section with LaReine Chabut that is killer.

The Firm: Firm Parts - Standing Legs
Release Date April 9, 2002 This DVD includes the following exercises:
  • Lunges
  • Leg abductions
  • Squats
  • Tall box leg press (where you step up and down on a tall -12"-14" box with the same leg...it is not like step aerobics...it is much harder and emphasizes your butt.
  • Dips
  • Calf raises
Standing Legs also includes:
  • Overhead lifts (for your shoulders)
  • Bicep and tricep moves
  • Delt lifts

For intermediate/advanced exercisers, these exercises may not sound too hard, but they are.

The Firm: Firm Parts – Total Body 2 Pack
Release Date April 9, 2002

This "2" pack includes 4 Firm workouts including

  • "Standing Legs"
  • "Upper Body"
  • "Tough Tape 2"
  • "5 Day Abs"

The Firm: Abs, Hips & Thighs Sculpting
Amazing Fitness Swimsuit Edition

The Amazing Fitness Swimsuit Edition is your private guide to the latest looks in designer swimwear for men and women. Fitness expert LaReine Chabut hosts this dazzling program featuring fun in the sun! 30 min.

"The Firm" workout video.