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Baby-Powered workout - "AS SEEN ON CHELSEA LATELY"
Healthy Lifestyle Tips
FitCeleb.com October 16, 2009
FitCeleb was able to catch up with busy fitness guru, LaReine Chabut whose been in the fitness industry for about 15 years and has a lot under her belt. She is a best selling author whose multiple best selling titles include; Exercise Balls For Dummies (May 25, 2005), Lose That Baby Fat! (M. Evans, April, 2006), Stretching For Dummies (February, 2007), and Core Strength For Dummies (January, 2009). LaReine was recently voted “Top Ten Most Fit Moms Online” and in addition is the leading fitness expert for Fit Pregnancy magazine. She is most recognized as the lead instructor of The Firm...
Read the rest of the article here.
Tone up in 10 minutes, no gym needed.
Getting fit doesn’t have to mean spending countless hours at the gym—finding activities and exercises that suit your lifestyle make it easier to get back on track...read the rest of the article
"Core Strength for Dummies"

Project Lose It!
Together, as a community, let's lose 1000 pounds!

Watch it on YouTube (click)

Project Lose It

Residents of Bel Air & Beverly Hills join forces for SIX WEEKS OF HEALTH with the goal of to lose 1000 POUNDS.

A Project of Rabbi Mentz & Chabad of Bel Air.
Chelsea Lately Episode Guide

Tonight Chelsea welcomes fitness guru and lifestyle expert LaReine Chabut for a behind the scenes look at LaReine’s hot new Lose That Baby Fat!  workout for celebrity moms. 

Scheduled to Air on E!:

Wednesday, Aug 8, 11:30p
Thursday, Aug 9, 2:30a
Friday, Aug 10, 2:00a
Thursday, Aug 9, 8:00p
Tuesday, Sep 18, 2:30a

"Stretching for Dummies"
February 12th 2007


Goodbye, Baby Weight!

Hillari's pounds-blasting workout
Designed by personal trainer LaReine Chabut, author of Lose That Baby Fat! (M. Evans and Co.; losethatbabyfat.com)

Take a quick-pace stroller walk incorporating hills when possible, or try the following routine on an elliptical trainer or treadmill:
5-minute warm-up: no ramp, easy stride.
5-minute mark: Set ramp level to 6 or medium level; maintain a stride in which you're breathing heavily but can carry on a conversation.
15-minute mark: Increase ramp level to 10 or highest level; aim to maintain previous stride.
25-minute mark: Decrease ramp to level 6 or medium level; maintain previous stride.
5-minute cool-down: Decrease ramp to 0 and gradually slow your stride.

• Warm up your muscles for at least 5 to 10 minutes by dancing with your baby, performing jumping jacks with alternating knee lifts, or marching or jogging in place.
• Do the 6 moves in our slideshow--lunges, squats, triceps presses, biceps curls, push-ups, and abdominal crunches on the ball--12 times each, adding a second set as you feel stronger.
• For triceps and biceps moves, use 5- to 10-pound weights, or the heaviest weight you can lift 12 times. (It's OK to struggle on that last rep!)
• If you don't have a stability ball (available at spriproducts.com), sit on the edge of your couch or lie on the floor for crunches.

Hillari's nutrition pointers

Designed by: Eileen Behan, R.D., author of the newly revised Eat Well, Lose Weight, While Breastfeeding (Ballantine Books)

Eileen Behan, R.D., literally wrote the book on dieting while breastfeeding. She advocates choosing foods wisely, allowing for treats and making sure you're getting enough. "Don't get up from the dinner table hungry, or you'll be snacking all night," she says. "If you wait a bit and you're still not full, eat a little more." That's advice anyone can live with. Here are six more tips she suggested for me:

• Eat at least two servings of fruit per day. These provide loads of needed vitamins and minerals while working to curb your sweet tooth. Fresh is best, but prepackaged fruit, packed in water, works well too. A favorite among Behan's busy clients: Dole Frozen Pineapple Chunks--just thaw and eat.

• Plan on a special treat each day, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Breastfeeding can give rise to cravings, and denying them can set you up for diet failure. Instead, select a single 150-calorie dessert, and really try to enjoy it (preferably when your baby is asleep, so you're not distracted). Some of Behan's favorites include cup of ice cream, a frozen ice cream bar, cup of pudding, a granola bar, or two Lindt chocolate balls.

• Limit starches to the equivalent of two slices of bread per meal, plus a bonus slice (to eat at your discretion anytime during the day). Look for the words whole-wheat flour at the top of the ingredient list.

• Eat three meals a day that include lean protein to keep your energy high and appetite low. Choose a lean meat, reduced-fat dairy products, eggs or beans. (Beans, however, can be tricky, since they're also starchy--if you're eating them on the side, count them against your daily bread allowance.) Always eat at least 1 cup of vegetables--frozen or fresh--per meal.

• Pick snacks that you won't be tempted to overeat or that won't pack on the pounds if you do. Good choices include chicken, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs.

• Limit fats to two servings per meal. As a breastfeeding mom, you need fats, but try to eat them sparingly.



Gym Brat

5.21.07: Baby adds new meaning to the term "resistance training."

I love the gym. I adore the relative order of it all--the way all the machines and weights have their place. The way everyone does what they're supposed to be doing, where they're supposed to be doing it. The peace, the quiet, the intensity. The relative lack of fussing, shrieking, and gumming of the equipment. Let's face it--I'm just nuts about the sheer kidlessness of the place.

The kids are there, actually, but they're safely tucked away in their own space. My gym--a YMCA--offers an excellent childcare program. I'd take full advantage of it, if Truman and I could ever make it. Which we can't. Truman's always napping, or eating, or sick. Or I'm sick, or working, or taking a meeting. Or digging my way out of the mess that is our house. Our babysitter could stay with him while I work out--but she's out of town right now, and I'm stuck at home. I could leave him with my mom while I go to the gym but she's playing tennis, then doing volunteer work. All of which goes to say I don't make it to the gym as often as I'd like.

And that's a problem, since I've grown addicted to the gym environment, and rather dependent on it. Now, if I can't get to the gym, I feel like I can't work out.

What's a girl to do? Why e-mail her personal trainer, LaReine Chabut, with a 911 for at-home work-out ideas.

LaReine reminded me that I have everything I need to work in a little workout time--some free weights, a ball, a piece of carpet, and my own body. She also wisely noted that doing something is always better than doing nothing. And she recommended that I return to the original "all-I-need six-moves workout plan" she developed for me whenever I can't get to the gym. (Watch LaReine do a nice at-home version of this workout.)

And so--thought I'm NOT happy about it--I've turned my living room into a makeshift gym. Truman still doesn't make much of a personal trainer. Since he's just started walking, being with him does offer its own sporadic cardio benefits. But in terms of getting through a focused strength routine--well, he's not exactly Hans (nor is he Franz). In other words, he doesn't exactly pump me up. He'd rather play with the ball than do crunches on it. But I've found that if I grab him, and try to hold onto him while I do my sit-ups--well, that's the very definition of resistance training!



Slip 'n' Slide

By Hillari Dowdle
Hillari Dowdle lives in Knoxville, Tenn.

My best friend, Laura, is a wise woman. "Once you have a baby, your life becomes a spiral," she tells me. "As soon as you seem to make a little forward progress, you naturally start to spin backward. It's all part of motherhood."

My life before Truman was relatively linear: I got older; my jobs got better; I met a guy, bought a house, learned to cook, etc. There were setbacks--some big ones, even. But mostly I moved forward; I achieved things. If I gained a few pounds, I just exercised a little more and--poof!--they disappeared.

Ten-month-old Truman, however, is not so goal-oriented. He refuses to, say, consistently reach for the brass ring of a full night's sleep; he does great one night, the next he's up six times. Likewise, he's iffy on the daily food plan. The minute I think we've reached a milestone--something, anything--we're on that backward spin again.

Baby's helical way of being is spilling over into other parts of mommy's life too. I now spend as much time sliding backward as I do moving forward on every front: work, housekeeping, diet, exercise, health, happiness, you name it. As soon as I make any kind of headway--slip! slide! Where was I?

Life Happens
Starting out, I made good progress on my exercise plan, designed to help me shed the baby weight. [For workout details and moves, visit fitpregnancy.com/weightlossdiary.] With encouragement from my fitness guru, LaReine Chabut, I joined the local YMCA. Getting out would inspire me, she said. She was right. The Y is nice and new, with a loving child-care center. As soon as I started hitting the elliptical and lifting weights a few times a week, I felt better: energized and strong, still large but in charge. I wasn't exactly thin, but I felt better in my body.

But then, the inevitable regression: A few weeks into my new regimen, I got hit with a migraine-and it persisted for three weeks straight. During that time, I developed strep throat. Also, unexpected out-of-town company arrived on my doorstep. Twice. I got more headaches. And even more headaches.

I was unable to get to the gym very often, then not at all. When I did return, I found that Truman's attitude toward the Y's nursery had changed (he's against it now). And so the spiral turns. ...

Moving Ahead
Finally, I'm back on the plan (and migraine medication). Somehow, despite the lack of activity--perhaps frowning burns calories?--I've avoided regaining the weight I'd lost. And I've arranged for a sitter to be with Truman three times a week at home so I can be with my elliptical trainer. It feels like I'm moving ahead again.

But I'm trying to remember that setbacks are part of the way forward. As Laura says, "Even when it feels like you're going in reverse, you're still on the right path. Just keep going."

In Our Next Issue
Hillari gets serious about her diet plan, which means a little less chocolate with her Gilmore Girls and Fritos-free viewing of Grey's Anatomy.


"Sundance Film Festival 2006"
January 19-24th

Launch of Podfitness with CNN, Self Magazine and E! Entertainment
Appearance by LaReine Chabut as Premier Trainer of the first ever customized downloadable workout

For the first time ever, the top professionals in fitness have come together to let you discover the workout plan that fits you just right. Choose from the most recognized names in health and fitness, each bringing their own expertise and philosophies to your workout. You can select your training coach from any of the dozens of experts. Podfitness will match up your coach’s fitness philosophies and methods with your goals to create a custom-tailored workout plan, and then coach you every step of the way.



POD Fitness
swagtime ... what was exclusive is now inclusive (swagtime.com)

I'm still in beautiful snowy Park City for Sundance and boy, have I seen some swag, AND I'M STILL NOT DONE! So choosing this week's Swagable of the Week is tough, but as I've been walking up and down the hill that is Main Street (where many swag lounges are) I thought "what a workout," then I thought "I miss working out at the gym where there's no snow," and then I thought "Swagable of the Week! POD FITNESS!!!"

Ok, POD Fitness is definitely in the running for one of the coolest products featured at this here festivall, at the SELF Magazine Ultimate Luxury Lounge. This great innovation allows you to customize a workout with a certified celebrity trainer and download it to your MP3 player to use at the gym or home.

So say you have a bad back (I do) and you work out for an hour on average (I do) and you prefer cardio and free weights (M,W,F), you go to the site and work with it to choose a trainer to create a personalized workout. You download it and then as you're doing lat pulldowns a little voice in your ear will tell you how many reps to do, to keep your stomach in and shoulders back. But they have trainers with all specialties for all areas of fitness, whether you're a pilates pro or spinning star.

AND THERE'S MORE...you can set the workout to your music, other suggested playlists or even choose a workout from the growing database of customized programs created by other POD Fitness subscribers. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a session with a celebrity trainer you're paying a monthly subscription for all this and more. Look out for my "Sweatin' at Sundance" workout soon!

This summer, an expanded book tour is in the works to coincide with the April 25th release of Exercise Ball For Dummies. On this tour, LaReine will be appearing at local and national bookstores doing signings for Exercise Balls For Dummies and at NIKE stores throughout the Southern California area.

LaReine is also being featured in national magazines and newspapers plus appearing on radio and television shows locally and nationally promoting Exercise Balls for Dummies (check your local listings or check back soon for a complete media schedule of appearances).

On the television front, a new reality series is in development to coincide with her next release Lose That Baby Fat! (March 2006) along with a product line and DVD series to accompany the book.

Websites are currently being designed at www. LOSE THAT BABY FAT.COM and www. LOSE THAT BABY FAT. NET to provide fans with books, video’s, DVD’s, and the complete product line for Lose That Baby Fat!